Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School

My son went back to school yesterday. September 4th. And it was HORRIBLE.


My first trip to the school was at 10 am so I could drop off 2 lots of juice boxes as his emergency stash. He needs to have 2 lots - one for the main school building and one for the annex where his classroom is.

I got the first phone call at lunch time. Did I forget to pack something in his bag? Yep - I forgot to pack his  blood glucose meter.  That was really silly, so I walked down to the school in the rain on my second trip of the day to poke his finger - only to discover that I had left the test strips at home. So I couldn't poke his finger. I just told him to have lunch and not to worry about the lunch time number.

At 2.30 pm I got another phone call. He had just had Gym class and was feeling shaky and again he had no blood glucose meter (I took it home with me after lunch). So back to school I went in the rain for the 3rd time - to poke his finger and give him permission to have a juice box. This time I remembered the test strips so we got a number. He said he was shaky but the number was not below 4. It was actually above 5 mmol/L - most unusual. But since he had just had a gym class, I allowed him to have a juice box.

He managed the rest of the day just fine.

Since the school board and therefore the school, do not currently have a Diabetes plicy, the school principal charged me with writing up a list of things I would like to see happen concerning my son's Diabetes, during the school day. This means I get to have some say in school policy.

Now, under Ontario teachers union rules, school teachers cannot inject Insulin or Glycogon, so neither of those will be part of the policy. Mostly I just to ensure that my son is allowed to eat his snacks when he is supposed to, in order to keep his sugar levels steady. He gets all his insulin shots at home before and after school.