Monday, July 2, 2012

And how to deal with High Blood Glucose levels

Today is July 2nd, 2012. We celebrated Canada Day today.

Canada day is usually celebrated on July 1st - but yesterday (July 1st) was a Sunday so today (Monday) is the statutory holiday.

The School year in Canada ended on Thursday June 28th.I mention this because my sons BG level went really high on Friday (June 29th). He had a meltdown temper tantrum right in front of me because I refused to give him anything more to eat. He stamped his feet and swore at me - using really foul language. When he gets mad like that - it usually means his BG is out of control. So I did a finger prick and sure enough - his BG was through the roof!!!

It was showing as 17.7 mmol/L. I was quite worried and wondering why it was so high. He had eaten one small chocolate bar 5 hours before dinner, and one cheese sandwish just 2 hours earlier. Dinner was due in less than 1 hour. 

Fortunately he gets some Rapide Insulin at dinner time, so that took care of his dinner and any other high sugar levels. By bed time his numbers was back down in the normal range. 

Then at 8.30pm (bed time), right when he was due for his last insulin dose of the day, he finally admitted to me that he had actually eaten 4 fig newton cookies at 5 pm while I was out of the apartment.

Each fig newton cookie has 14 grams of carbohydrates and he had eaten 4 of these within a few minutes. That was a whole extra 56 grams of carbohydrates - 1/3 of all the daily requirements. No wonder his BG went up so high.

 I told my husband to NEVER give our son any treats unless he checks with me first, and I told my son to never eat anything I have not approved of first. I do not want him to have another rude tantrum like that one.

The next 3 days of the long weekend (Saturday through Monday) his BG numbers were perfect.

Tomorrow (Tuesday July 3rd) he starts summer camp. I hope he behaves himself and does not overdo the food.

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