Monday, October 1, 2012

Numbers going haywire....

Is this the end of the honeymoon period?

My son has had a bad cold and cough for the last 10 days - his BG numbers dropped for several days before going back to normal and then the cough started so I kept him home for the week while he coughed and generally acted sick. I did get some assignments from the teacher so that means he wont be too far behind.

But this weekend just ended, his BG numbers shot up high and stayed high. The book says that if the numbers stayed high for 3 days in a row, then to increase the insulin. It's only been 2 days but since it is across the board, then I will be increasing the NPH after just 2 days.

Am keeping the breakfast Rapide the same for now since the lunch time number is generally on target. And I increased the NPH, since the dinner and supper numbers have definitely increased so they need to be brought back under control.

Called the diabetes nurse this morning and explained what I was doing. She says I did the right thing.

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  1. Anyone who likes Trek and Stargate cant be all bad.

    I have written an iPhone app to monitor my son's T1D (he was diagnosed like a few days from his 9th birthday ... ) as managing it and all the paperwork and carb counting was too much.

    We are putting in a few updates for things like '3 highs in a row', which our doctor said to watch for. What we forgot to ask was 'define a high - is it about the target number, or the variance above that'.

    For example, our target is 140 and when 60 above that, we bolus. So, is 200 the high, or anything above 140. If that is the case, he is rarely between the targets (who is) ... do you know ? We too have been told he is in the honeymoon period with no easy way of knowing when it is over.

    Thanks !