Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Looking for T1D kids who were older when diagnosed.

Is there any teenagers in Canada who were diagnosed with T1D at age 10 to 12 years old age, and who still remembers what their life was like before they were diagnosed??

Did they go through the same grieving process in having to give up that old life, because now they have to prick and poke and watch what they eat and drink every day?

Are there any D-moms out there whose child was diagnosed at age 10 or older and thus have had to deal with a pre-teen or a tween, who is almost into puberty and still dealing with a T1D diagnosis on top of the hormones?

Almost every T1D child I come across (mostly from blogs by D-moms)  was diagnosed at a young age - often before the child started school - which means that they do NOT remember any thing about their early life that did not include Diabetes.

I have been asking Toronto Sick Kids diabetes clinic staff to be put in touch with a D-mom of a child who was diagnosed at an older age and the child is still around my sons age - 13 right now - and therefore who was diagnosed just 3 years ago. Apparently there are no such children. Those children other than my son, who were being diagnosed 3 years ago, were all younger children.

Every child I meet at the clinic, after talking to the mom, was diagnosed when they were younger than 6 to 8 years of age.

No wonder my son is still avoids talking about his diabetes. He doesnt talk to anyone. He hates being forced to inject when he is away from the house. He does prick his finger but very reluctantly and only if he can do it in private.

He has stopped going to friends birthday parties because the party schedule often does not fit into our diabetes schedule.

He no longer does Halloween. What's the point when he cannot eat the candy? He hates that it has to be doled out. So he doesn't bother.

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