Wednesday, June 20, 2012

There is something called Diabetic Rages

I have Graves disease (that means I have a Hyperactive Thyroid) which has been under control for the last 2 years. This is an autoimmune disease, which means it is probably my fault that my son now has type 1 diabetes.

Before I was diagnosed with Graves, I used to become  rude, angry and upset at the slightest thing. These are called Graves Rages.

Tonight I have just witnessed a Diabetic Rage.

My son drank an extra glass of milk (several ounces of carbohydrate) before the dinner time insulin shot, and his Blood Glucose (BG) numbers shot up fast. His number at 6 pm was 26 mmol/L. Within an hour he was raging over something inconsequential, and my DH and I was flabbergasted as to where this rage and stubbornness came from.

So while he was raging, at 7pm I decide to take another reading. The first reading said that he was 33 mmol/L and to wash hands and try again. So I tried again. The second reading was much better - 21 mmol/L

An hour later at 8 pm after he had finally calmed down,  (and it was time for the second insulin shot), his Blood Glucose(BG) had dropped down to 18 mmol/L. A MUCH better number to have.

OTOH his BG numbers could just be high because he had a snack at 4 pm, barely 2 hours before, with no BG reading and that puts his numbers up high. Because his dinner time numbers have been high all week. 

Anyway, we will discuss this at the first education meeting with the diabetes team on Friday.

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